Private Acting- Erin Carr


Master Teacher

Erin Carr


4-12 and Adults


Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday – Times Flexible


$240 for 8 weeks

Class Description :

These lessons are designed to better the student as an artist and actor on the whole. The student will look at different Acting Techniques such as Stanislavski and Meisner to set a foundation for the student to understand how to approach material, what kinds of questions to ask, and how to connect with the material. Private coachings can also be used to prepare monologues, scenes, and songs, talk about headshot/resumes, and explore sub categories of the theatre such as dialects, improvisation, and discuss more difficult material such as Shakespeare, Ibsen, and Chekhov.

These lessons are offered as individual private lessons, but also in pairs or small groups of 4. Having weekly private instruction in a pair or group of 4 is a way for the students to REALLY delve into scene work with a partner and apply all of the skills we learn in an active way. The deep exploration of scenes is the absolute best way to better oneself as an actor.

$240.00 for 8 weeks ($30 per private lesson)

Hour lessons available upon request.

* To reserve your lesson time slot for 16 weeks, please add QUANTITY 2 in shopping cart. Thank you!  45 min & 60 min lessons are available for advanced students, please talk with teacher if you are interested in longer lessons.  

Prior to registration, please contact Erin at to confirm available lesson times. 

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