Cincinnati Academy of Performing Arts

Founded in 2011, Cincinnati Academy of Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides after school programming in performing arts for students K-12 offering group classes, private lessons, and high quality community productions.

Today, CAPA offers group classes at the following schools: Indian Hill, Madeira, Mariemont, and Terrace Park.  Private lessons are offered to students and adults at the following locations:  Indian Hill, Mariemont, and Armstrong Chapel. Lessons at Indian Hill and Mariemont are open to students and adults living in the district, lessons at Armstrong Chapel are open to all students and adults from all over Cincinnati.  Every summer we offer intensive summer theatre camps that are open to all students from the Tri-State area.  CAPA provides outreach programming in communities that have no arts programming. We are excited to be partnering with Artsville in Madisonville to bring an Arts Academy free of charge to the Madisonville community.

Our Mission

Foster and inspire excellence in all aspects of the performing arts for children and adults within Cincinnati and its surrounding communities through education and public engagement.

Our Vision

  • Through partnerships with school districts and other nonprofit organizations CAPA aims to provide after school programming, self-sustaining educational and cultural enrichment opportunities in the performing arts for local communities.
  • Provide intense, quality learning and performing opportunities to serve children in underserved areas of the community.
  • Provide an atmosphere where young people are encouraged to set goals, take risks and view mistakes as an avenue for learning.
  • Provide students with a staff of professional artists who serve as mentors and teachers, encouraging our students to commit to a high level of self-expectation.
  • Create an awareness that the arts are a constructive vehicle of personal expression.
  • Demonstrate to the public the high level of performing and production arts skills that the students are capable of achieving when given proper training.
  • Be a creative base for enriching the lives and imaginations of our young, inspiring and expanding the lives of our adults, and attracting and establishing emerging artists and teachers.

What is the Academy?

CAPA provides after school programming in performing arts for students K-12 offering group classes, private lessons, and high quality community productions. Many students travel miles away from home to train in dance, acting, instrument and vocal instruction.  CAPA provides students the opportunity to study performing arts within their community, on school campuses at participating schools and keeps students close to home.  Private lessons are also open to adults with adult classes to be offered in the future.  Quality instruction without having to travel!

Often private instruction also supports an outside performing arts venue but now a percentage of student’s tuition and fees will go to support partner schools and their teachers in the classroom, becoming a resource that can be passed on to our students!  Students now have the opportunity to grow and study performing arts after school in their own comfortable school environment, creating stronger more confident performers inside the classroom and on the stage.

Questions? Email:

CAPA Staff

CAPA Board

  • President – Susan Peskin
  • Treasurer – Margarita Moksin
  • Secretary – Debbie Graeter
  • Melissa Stewart
  • Grace Wenstrup
  • Lisa Harris
  • Melissa Wink
  • Jeff Clark
  • Ann Gibson
  • Molly Polling

If anyone has any immediate questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us:

(513) 813-7990

7864 Camargo Road
Cincinnati, OH 45243