Group Classes are open to students living in the Indian Hill School District.

Indian Hill Primary School – Grades K-2

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Puppet Theatre
K-2 Tuesdays – 3:35-4:25  Learn More & Register
K-2 Wednesdays – 3:35–4:25  Learn More & Register

Indian Hill Elementary School – Grades 3-5

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From Page to Stage
3-5 Wednesdays – 3:45 – 4:35  Learn More & Register
Creative Puppetry
3-5 Thursdays – 3:45 – 4:35  Learn More & Register

Puppet Theatre – Puppet theatre is an effective vehicle for developing and practicing theatre, literacy and social skills, among them: cooperation, concentration, communication, problem solving, listening and speaking skills, along with creative and physical expression.  Children will explore the making and use of puppetry. This form of theatre is as old as time. Expression and storytelling takes on a whole new dynamic. The students will assemble a different puppet each class period and end with an instructor lead story. They will use their creations to tell a familiar fable each week.

Jazz/Hip-Hop –  The forever evolving world of “jazz-funk” and current music make learning Hip Hop and Jazz styles incredibly dynamic and relevant for dancers. Jazz/Hip Hop is a popular class concept that infuses the funky style of hip hop with the technical side of jazz.  This is a wonderful introductory class for students.  They will learn the fundamentals of each style such as isolations and flexibility. This class will encourage students to dance outside of the box and bring their own personality to each movement. This class is a continuation from the Fall Session, but is open to any interested student even if they didn’t take the Fall Session.  New skills will be explored and become more challenging throughout the session and a performance for families and friends will celebrate the end of the Spring semester.

From Page to Stage – This class is specially designed to have the students create the storyline and characters.  Students collaborate on an original performance using their own ideas for story, character, dialogue and setting.  With the instructors guidance the students will contribute their own creative ideas and talents.  Within the 12 weeks, students will write and perform their very own theatre production and compose their own original composition. In addition to acting exercises, the students focus will include improvisation, singing and dancing, crafting props and sets construction.The class will culminate with a performance for friends and family that will leave students with the confidence and skills to shine in any theatre endeavor.

Creative Puppetry – In this class students will explore different puppetry styles, celebrate the history of the art of puppetry, create an exciting puppet of your own, and bring that puppet to life by learning basic puppet manipulation! Students will participate in games, exercises, and scenes to allow them to gain comfort and technique in portraying a character onstage. Students will both learn about puppets and create puppets to work with during the program. Topics will include basic scene work, storytelling, puppetry, and movement. Students will be challenged to create characters while utilizing both their bodies and their puppets. Though the emphasis of the class will be on developing skills and not on a final performance, family and friends are invited to the last class to see students present poems, monologues, or scenes. The newly created puppets will be incorporated into the final share day at the conclusion of the session.