Full Synopsis

The Alley Cats introduce Berlioz, Marie, Toulouse and their mother Duchess – the richest cats in all of Paris (“Prologue/The Aristocats”). When the Aristocats’ beloved owner, Madame, announces that she has left them all of her money, Edgar, the family butler, becomes very jealous. While the Aristocats practice singing (“Scales and Arpeggios”), Edgar warms some milk. After they fall asleep, Edgar takes the Aristocats out into the country and leaves them in a ditch.

As the Aristocats wake up, lost and alone, Napoleon and his pack of Country Dogs chase Edgar away (“Use Your Nose”). An Alley Cat named O’Malley discovers the Aristocats (“Thomas O’Malley Cat”), who are surprised to find him friendly. Despite the protests of the other Alley Cats, O’Malley agrees to help the Aristocats find their way home to Madame. Napoleon and the Dogs find the Cats and chase them down. When Marie falls into a river, O’Malley dives in to save her, only to be saved himself by a pair of Geese, Abigail and Amelia (“The Gabble Girls”). The whole gang waddles back to the city.

In Paris, O’Malley and the Alley Cats show the Aristocats the benefits of their freewheeling life (“Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat”). Duchess invites O’Malley to come home with her, but he decides to stay in the alley. Surprised to find them home, Edgar traps the Aristocats and prepares to ship them to Timbuktu (“The Cat Wash”). Roquefort the Mouse runs off to get help from O’Malley (“Roquefort to the Rescue/Somebody Is Looking for a Cat”). The Dogs and Geese join the Alley Cats to save the Aristocats and ship Edgar away (“The Butler Did It!/Finale”). Madame celebrates the return of her precious Aristocats and agrees to take in all their friends as her treasured pets (“Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat – Bows”).

Character Breakdown

Thomas O’Malley is the charming and charismatic lead alley cat. He lives as a free spirit with no attachments but secretly desires to be part of a family. This role requires a strong actor, singer, and mover. He should also be comfortable flirting with the actress playing Duchess. When auditioning, mix and match your O’Malley and Duchess hopefuls into different pairs and look for the best chemistry. The success of the show largely hinges on the energy of this leading cat so cast your strongest performer in this role.

Duchess is the elegant and nurturing mother of the Aristokittens. This leading role requires small group singing, but no solos, so cast your strongest actor and mover, rather than singer. Look for a mature actress who is able to convey a maternal figure. Try to audition Duchess hopefuls with O’Malleys and Aristokittens to see who works best together.

Edgar is the villainous butler of Madame. He’s allergic to the pampered Aristocats and secretly hates tending to them. This leading part requires one of your strongest and most mature performers with excellent acting and singing skills. Cast an actor who can portray a believable sneeze, possesses excellent comedic timing, and is unafraid to be mean.

Toulouse and Berlioz are Duchess’s sons. Since these Aristokittens are in the majority of the scenes but require little solo singing, cast two of your stronger actors who can sing well. Toulouse yearns to be seen as tougher than he is and has a small singing solo, so cast accordingly. If possible, the Aristokittens should be physically smaller than Duchess.

Marie is the spirited and sassy daughter of Duchess. She is the youngest child and a charmer just like her mother. Since she’s in the majority of the show and has a small singing solo, cast a stronger actor rather than singer. When auditioning, mix and match Aristokitten hopefuls into different trios to see who works best together.

Roquefort is the naïve yet ultimately brave house mouse who overcomes his fears and saves the Aristokittens from Edgar. This role requires a strong singer and character actor who can believably play innocent and frightened. If possible, cast someone physically smaller than the Alley Cats to in order emphasize his vulnerability when confronting them. Roquefort can be played by either a girl or a boy.

Madame is the eccentric and kind human owner of the Aristocats who loves her pets more than anything else in the world. This small character role requires a good actor who possesses the maturity to play a maternal role. She should also be capable of delivering a short singing solo. Since Madame only appears at the beginning and end of the show, consider double casting her as an Alley Cat for the country section of the show.

General Napoleon and Private Lafayette are two country dogs in a comedic power struggle throughout the show. Napoleon is the power-hungry leader and Lafayette the not-so-subservient private. These roles do not require solo singing, so cast based on acting and the ability to move like a dog. Since this comic duo feeds off of each other, cast actors who can work well together. If you have a small cast, consider double casting them as Alley Cats in the opening number and for “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat.” Napoleon and Lafayette can be played by either girls or boys.

Vichy and Soisse are two privates in the dog army who report to General Napoleon. These are smaller acting roles that require good movers and solid singing voices appropriate for small group singing. If you have a small cast, consider double casting them as Alley Cats in the opening number and for “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat.

Amelia and Abigail are the two bold geese sisters who rescue O’Malley from the river and lead the way out of the country back to Paris. These comedic characters sing a duet (but no solos), so cast solid singers and actors. It’s also important for Amelia and Abby to be able to move convincingly as geese. If you have a small cast, consider double casting them as Alley Cats in the opening number and for “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat”.

Scat Cat is the jazzy leader of the Alley Cat narrators. He or she is ultra hip and enjoys introducing the Aristocats to jazz music. Scat Cat leads the song “Ev’rybody Want to Be a Cat” so cast a strong singer and smooth mover. When auditioning, look for a child that’s willing to go over-the-top on both movement and acting improvisations. The more creative and able to perform outside the box, the better. Scat Cat can be played by either a girl or a boy.

The Alley Cats (Hep, Mad, Slick and Wacky), although small acting parts, are the glue that holds Disney’s The Aristocats KIDS together. These storytellers set up and comment on the action as well as execute the scene changes. These roles require actors with strong speaking voices who can focus onstage for long periods of time. They should also have good memories for the more complicated blocking of scene changes and transitions. Casting extra Alley Cats is a great way to use additional children you may have. Depending upon ability, they can take part in all or only some of the production numbers which call for the Alley Cats. Use some strong singers in these roles to help fill out the sound of the chorus.

Auditions: Friday, May 11 – 4:30pm-7:30pm at Indian Hill High School

Auditions are not required, however if you would like to be considered for a role you must audition. All students that do not audition will still be an integral part of the camp and will be in the shows ensemble.  Please prepare the audition materials below.  If you would like to audition for a role but are unavailable on May 11th or you have other questions regarding auditions, please email Kimberly@CincinnatiAPA.org.

Aristocats Ensemble Audition Music

EVERYONE auditioning for the show should learn this cut of Everybody Wants to be a Cat.  Click on the link above for a PDF of the music and use track below to practice and learn the song.

Everybody Wants to be a Cat Audition Cut – 00:20-00:51

Aristocats Female Role Audition Music

Any female interested in a role should learn this cut of Scales and Arpeggios along with the ensemble audition song, Everybody Wants to be a Cat.  Click on link above for a PDF of the music and use track below to practice and learn the song.

Scales and Arpeggios Audition Cut – 00:55-01:24


Aristocats Male Role Audition Music

Any male interested in a role should learn this cut of Thomas O’Malley Cat along with the ensemble audition song, Everybody Wants to be a Cat. Click on link above for a PDF of the music and use track below to practice and learn the song.

Thomas O’Malley Cat Audition Cut – 00:05-00:55



The following dialogue will be used in auditions.  Look at these scenes beforehand especially if you’re interested in a specific part.  These do not need to be memorized.

O’Malley & Duchess – SIDE 1

Toulouse, Berlioz, Marie & Duchess – SIDE 1

Madame & Edgar – SIDE 1

Napoleon, Lafayette, Vichy & Sois – SIDE 1