“As an elementary principal, I believe in the development of the “whole child”.  Cincinnati Academy of Performing Arts has been a partner in this vision.  By offering private and group classes within our school building after school hours, our students have been exposed to musical instruments, dance, acting, voice, and jump roping. The parents are pleased that students do not have to travel a distance, often staying after school, to receive these lessons.  CAPA instructors display a professional attitude, not only in their degree of performing arts expertise, but in their ability to differentiate their instruction for different levels of skill with consistent conversation with our music teacher to promote alignment between the two programs. As an example, CAPA offered a summer “musical theater camp”.  What a great way for students to practice reading, listening, collaboration, and presentation during the summer months. Not only did the students find joy within musical theater, but they made friendships and created memories to last many years.  While the mentioned attributes alone are worthwhile, CAPA demonstrates their commitment and partnership by donating funds directly to our school at the conclusion of the year’s classes. I feel privileged to be working with Cincinnati Academy of Performing Arts and feel grateful to offer these opportunities to our students.”  Melissa A. Stewart, Ed.D., Indian Hill Elementary School Principal

“I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed taking piano lessons with Tyler Graves.  He has a world of patience with my daughters (who still have extra energy after school), has come up with creative ideas to keep them practicing (with more short but still somewhat challenging pieces and even working on some music theory) and it just a genuinely nice person.  I would highly recommend him (and have already) to anyone interested in piano lessons for their children” – Kelly Attiyah

“I appreciate the learning opportunity and convenience IHPA provides. It is a life saver for working parents.” – Hui Yang

“I had a client who bought a house in Indian Hill but was ready to move her daughter to a nearby private school because her daughter wasn’t happy – but then the child joined Primary Players and signed up for some classes with IHPA and in 2 weeks the child was ecstatic! IHPA classes and IH school support of the performing arts made all the difference!” – Beth Dowling, realtor

”What an awesome, enriching organization you all have created in our community!  Every community offers a full range of public and private sports teams, but having an academy of professionals to help our children develop their artistic gifts is rare and makes Indian Hill and the surrounding communities even more special places to call home.  Our children will be more well-rounded and lead richer lives as a result.  Kudos!”  – Gary Hudson

“I want to let IHPA know that the Arts are important and do make a difference!  Children play soccer,tennis,football ect. All of which helps build confiedence,leadership and team building. Not all children or people are wired the same and for those who may not excel in sports the ability to explore,express and share there talents is a gift.  Thank you and your team for your commitment, understanding and very hard work.  You and your team make a difference.” – Jeannie Walton

“Thanks for your patience and the wonderful program you are offering.  I know Sam would not have been as confident for her audition without Stephens guidance.” – Rene Cline

“The Indian Hill Performing Arts Program is such a gift to our community.  It gives our children the opportunity to explore, learn and become confident in the arts. My 3rd grade daughter has participated in the musical theatre and acting classes.  There is a smile on her face every time I pick her up from these programs.  Indian Hill has top schools, a strong recreation program, and now, they can add IHPA.  What a unique place to live with all of these programs complimenting the whole child.” -Andrea Singer

“The IHPA is the best thing to happen to the IH school district in a long time!  My kids love every class or lesson they’ve taken and now I don’t have to drive all over the city.  We’re so happy the program is growing and thriving!” -Valerie Davis

“Though we have long had an amazing sports recreation program in Indian Hill it was hard to find quality and convenient options for kids who enjoy the arts, until now.  My daughter has participated in several classes, and I have found the instructors to be exceptional.  I feel so fortunate to have this program available for the children in our community.  I am excited to see how this program will grow in the future.” -Sarah Aitken

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